Selling your website for a profit?

Yep, selling your website for a profit? You read it right.

With more businesses turning online to attract customers, it is quite challenging for those businesses to concentrate on their business model but also at the same time, attract customers online. Even for billion dollar companies, it is getting quite challenging for them to make the transition online. Some of the few ways of gaining customer attraction online, is by blogging about the company and it’s products. Companies and businesses do not have time to blog and spend time on the internet writing articles. With a little creativity and hard work, if anyone can write blogs or develop websites with awesome content and then be able to market the website or blog with SEO techniques and sometimes paid advertising methods, drawing visitors to the blog or website could be very much possible. Now where is the money?

If you are able to attract visitors to the website, you can create a mailing list. If you are able to consistently create quality content then you are likely to attract lots of visitors. That mailing list can be extremely valuable for businesses to promote their products and make a heavy profit. For example, if your blog or website is about making toys, you can sell your website to Toy manufacturing or marketing companies. They are usually happy to buy your blog or website if your blog or website is consistently able to attract large numbers of visitors day after day, month after month and year after year. Happy blogging !!!


How to ” Monetize ” your evenings if you wish to

Hello dear all,

Some of you are blessed with a good career where probably you enjoy what you do on a daily basis in the 9 – 5 work week. But there are many people who have the desire to quit their day job and start something on their own. In this pursuit many people end up searching on the internet for business ideas. Please remember, if you are searching for ideas mentioned by someone else, those ideas are theirs and not yours. YOU are the best person who knows what kind of business is best for you. Unfortunately we ignore the potential in ourselves and we try to reach out to our friends and family members for an advise, even worse we look for advise from some anonymous individual on the internet for a business idea.

Every individual in good at something, you need to only figure out what you are good at. Only yourself or a friend who knows you well, can help you identify what your strengths are.

Usually, people think that if you decide to start a business you need to jump in with huge saved up capital, or get the bank to loan you a million dollars (depending on the business this figure may vary) and get that dream business running. People even end up starting a business just because they managed to pool together the capital they needed, without having no experience in the business they are dealing with, and with highest probability, they fail and business is shut down. It is better you gain some sort of experience in the line of business that you wish to own. For example, if you wish to open a sandwich franchise or your own sandwich shop, it is advisable to work in a sandwich shop for at least 1 year, and make sure you are learning something new each day about the business.

If you are in a regular day job and you are looking to make some extra cash in your spare time, like in the evening after work in your leisure, you can do that as well. Again, for this pursuit, people look for help from the internet as to what kind of work will get you some extra cash. Unfortunately, there are a zillion scams available on the internet with vulnerable traps waiting for people to fall in. PLEASE WATCH OUT. Please remember, the only why you make money online or offline, is by selling something, Commerce. You sell a product or you sell a service, but it is only from sales that you make money online. If you buy into any of the scam programs, they get your money and you get SCAMMED. Be careful friends.

As mentioned earlier, you are definitely good at something, if you can identify that part, it will be easier to figure out how you can monetize your idea and create an income stream for yourself.

Please feel free to check this page often, I will be adding new content frequently and I wish some of this information can be helpful during your journey of SUCCESS as an Entrepreneur