Selling your website for a profit?

Yep, selling your website for a profit? You read it right.

With more businesses turning online to attract customers, it is quite challenging for those businesses to concentrate on their business model but also at the same time, attract customers online. Even for billion dollar companies, it is getting quite challenging for them to make the transition online. Some of the few ways of gaining customer attraction online, is by blogging about the company and it’s products. Companies and businesses do not have time to blog and spend time on the internet writing articles. With a little creativity and hard work, if anyone can write blogs or develop websites with awesome content and then be able to market the website or blog with SEO techniques and sometimes paid advertising methods, drawing visitors to the blog or website could be very much possible. Now where is the money?

If you are able to attract visitors to the website, you can create a mailing list. If you are able to consistently create quality content then you are likely to attract lots of visitors. That mailing list can be extremely valuable for businesses to promote their products and make a heavy profit. For example, if your blog or website is about making toys, you can sell your website to Toy manufacturing or marketing companies. They are usually happy to buy your blog or website if your blog or website is consistently able to attract large numbers of visitors day after day, month after month and year after year. Happy blogging !!!


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